Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Celebrates 75-Year Member Savage-Leigh Holsteins of Knoxville, Md.

Reston, Virginia – Savage-Leigh Holsteins of Knoxville, Maryland, celebrated its 75th year of membership with Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA) at the cooperative’s 102nd Annual Meeting held earlier this week.

“Congratulations to Savage-Leigh Holsteins on their 75th year of dairy farming with Maryland & Virginia,” said David Pool, MDVA’s First Vice-President during Maryland & Virginia’s Annual Meeting. “The Savage family is a prime example of our cooperative’s goal to support our dairy farm families to farm sustainably across generations.”

Savage-Leigh Holsteins is owned by Wayne and Cindee Savage. The farm made its start in 1939 by Wayne’s family including his father, uncle and brother Denny, who remains a MDVA producer on a separate farm. The farm started in Montgomery County, Maryland before Wayne and Cindee purchased the property in Knoxville in 1987.

Today the family milks around 200 cows in a double 8 herringbone parlor and has around 200 replacement heifers. The family has multiple freestall barns and bedded pack areas for housing, as well as a Sturdy Built Calf Barn for small calves. During the warmer months, the herd has access to pasture. The family raises corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, and hay on around 1,000 acres, which feeds their herd for an entire year. The family has adopted sustainable farming practices like no-till farming, cover crops, and waterway protections on the farm. “We’re very particular about keeping our farm and our equipment clean. The way we take care of our farm and herd is important to today’s consumer,” said Cindee Savage. “My father always told me you’re only as good as your name,” said Wayne. “We’ve always tried to do everything right and be honest.” Cindee is a strong advocate for dairy farming and has opened their farm for tours. She has used social media to connect with people and educate them on American dairy farming practices. “I feel that the dairy farmer is the one who can tell the true story of dairy,” she said. “I’m proud to be part of dairy industry and help bridge the large gap of misinformation for the consumer.” MDVA recognized several other producers during the meeting. Learn more about those honors here.
Photo Caption: The Savage Family of Savage-Leigh Holsteins received Maryland & Virginia’s 75-Year Member Award. Picture (L-R) are Kendall Welsh, Cindee Savage, Rhett Savage, Wayne Savage, Jace Savage, Ashley Savage, Ryan Savage, Breckin Welsh, Matt Welsh, Easton Savage, Kelli Welsh, Andie Grace Welsh and Gatlin Welsh.