Co-op County Fair Provides Alternative to Canceled Fairs and Shows

Maryland & Virginia has proudly sponsored and supported various fairs, breed shows and youth programs over the years. Given the numerous canceled events this summer, the cooperative is taking a different direction to support the youth and members who exhibit their cows at fairs throughout our membership region, by holding our own Co-op County Fair.

The Co-op County Fair is a virtual, five-week event that will run from June 29 through July 31, 2020. Each week the Co-op County Fair will celebrate a theme and highlight entries on our social channels, and a weekly winner will be announced each Friday.

Maryland & Virginia will share the top weekly entries on our social channels to amplify farmers’ stories and to share with consumers the positive message of how farmers take care of their animals.

Entries may be submitted as a youth group (4-H, FFA, breed organization), an individual or as a family, and entries must come from within the cooperative’s geographic footprint from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Weekly winners will receive $100 for a youth group, $50 for an individual entry, and $75 for a family, thanks to generous support from our customers and strategic industry partners.

The five weekly themes include:

    1. Cow Care – Share with us how you/dairy farmers care for their cows and how they prepare their cows/calves for a fair or show. (Entry deadline: Friday June 19)
    2. Favorite Cow – Share with us your favorite cow, why this cow is your favorite and what is her story. (Entry deadline: Friday June 26th)
    3. Favorite Breed – Dairy cows come in a variety of breeds. Share/show us your favorite breed and why it is your favorite. (Entry deadline: Friday July 3)
    4. Pretty Cow/Cow Costume – A fair favorite, show us your cows dressed up in costume, what the costume is and why it is meaningful or interesting to you. (Entry deadline: Friday July 10)
    5. Favorite Cow Family – Cow families are an important part of dairy life. Tell us/show us your favorite cow family on your farm. Why is this family important/special to you? (Entry deadline: Friday July 17)

To enter, submit photos (no more than 10) with captions and a brief summary or a video with a brief written summary to by the specified deadline.

Official Contest Rules

Co-op County Fair Entry Form

We are proud to have additional financial and prize support from fellow industry partners and customers, the Center for Dairy Excellence, the Dairy Alliance, Farm Credit Bank, Turkey Hill Dairy and Wawa. In addition to recognizing first place entries, we will also award second place and honorable mention prizes.

**The information received with your entry will serve as permission for Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers to use your entry in any future printed materials and/or for social media, promotion and advertising purposes.**

Photo is courtesy of ALH Wordandimage