Maola Milk is the ‘Sustainable Milk from Around the Corner’

There’s no cowing around when it comes to Maryland & Virginia’s premier brand of dairy products, Maola Local Dairies. We work hard to tell the honest story of our dairy producers as they strive to implement the latest sustainability and animal care practices on their farms.  

Oftentimes you’ll see marketing of food identified as ‘local’ or ‘sustainable’ accompanied with stock photography clearly from different geographies of the world. That’s not the case with Maola. We use our 900+ family-owned farms to tell our sustainable milk story – and you won’t see the mountains of California or a tractor only found in Europe in the background.  

Employing the artistic eye of  known agricultural photographer Andrea Haines of ALH wordandimage, our creative teams descend on farms several times each year to gather content showing the hard, but very real work of family-owned farms. Those days are full of shot lists, countless cows, props, outfit changes (yes, for the cows and the people), and camera angles to gather all the content we need to share Maola’s sustainable milk story. Somehow, we’ve even managed to make manure digestors and separators look good.   

Families like the Derrs (Valley Ho), Burdettes (Windy Knoll View), Schwartzbecks (Peace & Plenty), Malotts (Misty Meadow), and Stoltzfus’ (Pennwood) have helped us out in recent months. We thank these members for willing to put themselves out there as the real faces behind our local brand.  

Sustainable Milk from Around the Corner

 Milk is a staple taken for granted. Our marketing team is currently deploying an “always on” approach to establish Maola as the “Sustainable Milk from Around the Corner.” The marketing effort is currently being featured in Baltimore, Maryland and points nearby. The campaign will continue over the next few months on YouTube, Hulu, Google, Spotify, TikTok, and more. We are most excited about an amazing new jingle crafted just for Maola and is sure to catch your ear when you hear it.   

Maola Jingle

Proven Sustainability Story

With consumers demanding more transparency from the food supply chain, it’s important that we tell the proven sustainability story of our farmers. By engaging Maryland & Virginia’s customers and environmental non-profit partners like the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Maola has utilized nearly $20 million (with another $25 million announced last month) of grant money on projects on  member farms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make a real difference for the environment.  

The campaign focuses beyond tasty and sustainable; it also demonstrates our milk truly comes from around the corner. In some instances, our milk comes from just 40 miles away from the targeted consumers, making Maola milk one of the most locally produced items on store shelves in Maryland.  

In addition to our digital marketing, you might have seen our Maola billboards running in Roanoke and Richmond through October. The billboards highlight the latest dairy research with claims like “hydrates better than water” and “nutrients to help kids grow.” 

Together, these efforts comprise some of the largest marketing actions that Maola has ever undertaken. We’re proud to tell Maola’s story and demonstrate that we produce the sustainable milk from around the corner.