Virginia Dairy & Beef Appreciation Day Serves Up Steak & Chocolate Milk for Valentine’s Day at the Virginia General Assembly

(RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 14, 2019) — The Virginia beef cattle and dairy industry served up lunch today for members of the Virginia General Assembly Delegates and Senators. Beef and dairy are the second and third largest sectors of Virginia agriculture. Collectively the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association and the Virginia State Dairymen’s Association represent industries employing more than 50,000 people; from farms and farmers (1.6 million cattle) to businesses for beef and milk products.  Today’s lunch menu features wholesome food produced on Virginia farms and processed by Virginia businesses including:

  • Steak raised at Glenmary Farm in Rapidan, Virginia, a Century Farm, and processed at Seven Hills Foods in Lynchburg, Virginia, an AFID grant recipient of the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.
  • Maola Milk produced by Virginia’s dairy farmers of Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Inc.; pasteurized, packaged and distributed in Virginia.
  • Potato Chips are provided by Route 11 located in Mount Jackson, Virginia and made from potatoes grown on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Together the Virginia beef and dairy industries provide more than $14 billion to the state’s economy through jobs, support of local businesses, exports and productive land use. Cattle and dairy producers in Virginia are important contributors to a strong economy, food security and a healthy environment and are appreciative of the service each day the members of the General Assembly provide to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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