Cool Lawn Farm of Remington, Virginia, Marks 50-Years of Membership with Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative

August 6, 2020, Reston, Virginia – Cool Lawn Farm of Remington, Virginia, celebrated its 50th year of membership to Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative at the organization’s 100th Annual Meeting during the Virtual Honors Ceremony held earlier today.

Owner Ken Smith remembers that one of the first things his father did when he moved to Virginia in 1970, was to find a market for his milk. Ken noted that his father wanted to find a market that would take his milk all the way from the farm to the consumer, and he found that with Maryland & Virginia.

Half a decade later, the family is still farming and a long-time member of the co-op. Today the family milks over 900 cows and they employ 17 workers. “We wouldn’t have been here without my grandfather,” remarked Ken’s son Ben. “We owe it all to Pop.”

The Smiths make cow comfort a priority with everything that they do. Their cows are housed in a freestall barn that is bedded with composted solids. They give every cow fresh bedding bedded daily and rake stalls daily. They have rubber mats in the alleyways to ensure cows aren’t standing on concrete all day. And they have plastic dividers in the barn to give added flex and comfort to cows while they are laying down.

Over the last several years, the Smiths started a retail business called Moo Thru, selling ice cream at three locations. “It’s a reminder that we need to do as good a job on the farm as we possibly can,” said Ben.

“Being able to work with your family, our cows, and to be outside, it’s just something you just can’t match,” Ken shared.” I love the cows, and I can’t say that enough.”

Maryland & Virginia’s CEO Jay Bryant visited the Smiths a few weeks ago to present them with a custom painted milk can in recognition of the family’s long-time membership with the cooperative.

In addition to Cool Lawn Farm, Maryland & Virginia recognized three 100-year members and announced the co-op’s Producer of the Year during today’s Honor Ceremony. Go to Maryland & Virginia’s website at to view more about these award-winning farms.

Photo Caption:
Maryland & Virginia’s CEO Jay Bryant visited the Smiths of Cool Lawn Farm in Remington, Virginia, and presented the family with a custom-painted milk can in recognition of their 50 years of cooperative membership.


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