Dogwood Farm LP Celebrates 100 Years of Membership with Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative

August 6, 2020, Reston, Virginia – Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative honored Dogwood Farm LP of Purcellville, Virginia for achieving 100 years of membership. The family was recognized at Maryland & Virginia’s 100th Annual Meeting/Virtual Honors Ceremony held earlier today.

Dogwood Farm LP has been a family farm for over 200 years, and this year marks their 100th year of membership with Maryland & Virginia. Owned by Mike and Nancy Potts of Purcellville, Virginia, the farm is home to 90 registered Holsteins and it is one of the top BAA herds in the state.

“Dairy farming is a great lifestyle,” said Nancy. “All three of my children have worked on the farm with us from really a young age. As babies they were here with me and as youngsters they tagged along as I fed calves. They started doing chores as they were able.”

Now Chris, Nancy and Mike’s son, is the fourth generation to be farming at Potts Dale. “I take a real sense in pride coming back to the family farm. One day I hope to pass it along to my son.”

The family milks in a double-four parlor and they house their cows in a freestall and bedded pack barn. They work with a nutritionist to provide a balanced ration for the herd, and they utilize deep bedding for cow comfort.

Logan, Nancy and Mike’s other son, is a full-time history teacher, but he still works part-time on the farm. “My favorite thing on the farm is milking. I enjoy seeing the cows morning and night.”

“Being able to have that individual knowledge of each cow, we can tell when the cow is off or she’s feeling sick. The better the cow is taken care of the better the product she makes will be.”

“I want everyone who drinks our milk to be as healthy as possible, that all comes back to making sure each of the cows gets the best care they can get on the farm,” said Logan.

“Thank you to the Potts family for all you do to produce a quality product for our customers for the last 100 years,” said First Vice President Kevin Satterwhite during the award presentation.

In addition to Dogwood Farm, Maryland & Virginia recognized two additional 100-year members and a 50-year member, plus announced the co-op’s Producer of the Year and 2020 Scholarship Winners during today’s Honor Ceremony. Go to Maryland & Virginia’s website at to view more about these award-winning farms.

Photo Caption:
Four generations of the Potts family stand with Maryland & Virginia CEO Jay Bryant. Dogwood Farm owned by the Potts family have been shipping milk to Maryland & Virginia since 1920 when the dairy cooperative was first formed.

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