Finding Strength in Our Supply Chain

Food insecurity is a growing concern for many people across our nation. Non-profit organizations, businesses, customers and even our dairy farmer owners are rallying to support feeding programs across the U.S. We are proud that many of those groups are turning to us and supplying Maola milk to food pantries and programs that serve those in need.

If you or an organization you know is looking for a source of fresh milk for a community giveaway or working to restock a food pantry, we have established a mechanism for handling those requests. Please reach out to Daniela Roland for more information.

Recent news stories have highlighted breakdowns in the U.S. food supply chain. We’re thankful for the cooperation, hard work and support of our members, haulers and employees for keeping Maryland & Virginia’s supply chain running like clockwork.

There has been significant yo-yoing of both supply and demand, putting pressure on every point in our supply chain. Thankfully our chain is holding strong. Milk is flowing from our member farms to the plants, and our plants are keeping pace with customer orders.

The teamwork shows. A few weeks ago, our members sent a video to our co-op team members thanking them for keeping the plant running and for serving our customers. The very next week, a number of teams from the Newport News plant sent a video to our farmer owners thanking them for their support and investments made into the co-op’s plant operations.

If you missed either video, take a few minutes to view the heartfelt appreciation from our farmer owners and our fellow team members.

This cohesive support from both sides of the supply chain is critical to our success. Maryland & Virginia would not exist without farmer-owners, and our business could not operate without dedicated and determined employees to keep the plants running each and every day.

We thank our farmers owners and our team members for their resiliency and dogged determination to stay until the work gets done and the milk delivered to where it’s needed most.

Please let us know if you’re helping out in your community, be it making masks or shopping for an at-risk individual. We’d like to share more stories of our how employees and farmer owners are making a difference in their communities.