Kenwood LLC of Orange, Virginia Honored for 100 Years of Membership with Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative

August 6, 2020, Reston, Virginia – Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative honored Kenwood LLC of Orange, Virginia, operated by Monk and Carolyn Sanford, for achieving 100 years of membership at its 100th Annual Meeting/Virtual Honors Ceremony held earlier today.

Monk’s paternal grandmother started his family’s dairy farm in 1918, and she became a member of Maryland & Virginia when the co-op first formed two years later in 1920. “Dad took over the farm, and then passed it on to me,” said Monk.

His farm, Kenwood LLC, encompasses 1,400 acres. “This land has been on a permanent easement. Always to be in agriculture,” said Monk. He currently milks 240 cows but has 260 in the herd. He also has about the same number of Angus beef cows.

Carolyn, Monk’s wife, does all the bookwork. Their son Chip tends to the beef cows, the crops and the day-to-day whatever needs to be done work. Monk does all the feeding. His employee Sonny looks after the cows and does all their breeding.

“We have good employees that we can really count on,” said Monk. “They have allowed me to be on the board, to be away. We could not survive without them.”

The Sanfords work with three veterinarians, a nutritionist and an agronomist to make sure they’re doing all the right things for their cows and their land. Their cows are housed in a freestall barn that is bedded with sawdust. They have a fresh cow or special needs pen that is a bedded pack.

“I take pride in taking good care of my cows, having healthy cows to produce a quality product for consumers,” said Monk. “You have to do everything you can to keep your cows as healthy as possible to produce a quality product. You want to do the best you can for them.”

All three of Monk and Carolyn’s children live on the farm, and they are all focused on the farm continuing. “I love working with family, there’s nothing better. Being fourth generation it’s very important for me to try and learn as much as I can to keep things going,” said Chip.

“It’s a great way of life. Just a great way to be together,” added Carolyn.

In addition to Kenwood Farm, Maryland & Virginia recognized two additional 100-year members and a 50-year member, plus announced the co-op’s Producer of the Year during today’s Honor Ceremony. Go to Maryland & Virginia’s website at to view more about these award-winning farms.

Photo Caption:
Monk and Carolyn Sandford were honored for their 100 years of membership with Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers. L-R – CEO Jay Bryant, Chip, Carolyn, Monk, Carmon Carri,Calli, Bill, and Lyle.

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