Maryland & Virginia Honors the Women Who Tell Our Story 

Culture and heritage are passed down through the generations with stories and experiences, and every March, across the United States we honor those storytellers by celebrating Women’s History Month. A month rich in remembering the contributions and advancements that women have made throughout the years. While this nationally recognized tradition

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Where ‘Waldo’ Wanders

It’s not a beanie with a red plume and stripe. But the cap that Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Field Representative Carl Espenshade chooses to wear is his own signature style — just like the eponymous children’s puzzle book character Waldo. The series’ title – ‘Where’s Waldo’ — was also

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A Young Producer’s Reflection on Leadership

By Ben Smith, 2022 MDVA Outstanding Young Cooperator When Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MDVA) approached me about writing a blog recapping my year as Outstanding Young Cooperator (YC), my first thought was “no thanks!” I’m not one to share my highs or lows and consider myself an

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Chile: Planting The Seeds

Author Joanna Shipp, MDVA Member and member of the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, stops for a photo with Krysta Harden, the President & Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Dairy Export Council. What do you know about Chile?  A year ago, all I knew was where Chile was

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MDVA Member Stands As Beacon Of Service To Others

Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next The skyline of downtown Greensboro. The N.C. A&T University Farm sits just around three miles away from these skyscrapers. They may not lecture in a classroom. But make no mistake, the cows at the University Farm at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical

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Maola Milk is the ‘Sustainable Milk from Around the Corner’

There’s no cowing around when it comes to Maryland & Virginia’s premier brand of dairy products, Maola Local Dairies. We work hard to tell the honest story of our dairy producers as they strive to implement the latest sustainability and animal care practices on their farms.   Oftentimes you’ll see marketing

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